Criminal Appeals

Criminal Appellate Attorney in El Paso, TX

Our El Paso Criminal Lawyers from the Law Office of Aaronson and Norris offers the highest quality of criminal appellate services in El Paso and surrounding areas in Texas. Even if someone other than us represented you at trial, we can examine the record to determine whether there were errors committed that might justify overturning your conviction.

Criminal Appeals Process in Texas

A criminal appeal can be long and difficult, requiring skills not possessed by all criminal defense attorneys. At Aaronson and Norris in El Paso, we take pride in the fact that our experience includes regular appellate-level practice over many years before the highest courts of Texas. If you have been wrongly convicted for a crime in Texas, especially if sentenced harshly, a criminal appeal is the best chance you have at making things right.

For those who want to appeal their criminal convictions, we are dedicated to the same high level of performance we provide all our clients, including detailed review of the court record, in depth legal research, excellent written advocacy, and effective oral argument before the courts of appeals.

Michael Aaronson and Robin Norris are a pair of experienced Criminal Appeals Attorneys in El Paso who can help clients with DUIs, aggravated battery and grand theft auto. Give us a call today!