El Paso DWI Lawyers

Citizens in the State of Texas are arrested for driving while intoxicated for more than nearly any other serious criminal offense. For this reason, a substantial part of our law practice at Aaronson and Norris in El Paso is devoted to the defense of DWI (DUI) cases.


Drunk Driving Defense in El Paso, TX

Drivers are often presumed by the police to be drunk even when they refuse to give samples of their breath or to take field sobriety tests, as they are entitled to do under the law. Whether or not you have submitted to a sobriety test, El Paso DUI Attorneys- Michael Aaronson and Robin Norris – can carefully evaluate your case to determine if the evidence against you was properly obtained, whether it is sufficient to prove you guilty, whether the circumstances are extenuating, and whether a reasonable settlement can be reached in negotiations with the District Attorneys Office.

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