Major Felonies

Defense Against Major Felonies

El Paso Felony Attorneys

Texas penal laws include some of the most serious crimes and harshest punishments to be found anywhere. El Paso Felony Attorneys from Aaronson and Norris provides complete criminal defense services throughout Texas to anyone charged with a felony, no matter the offense or level of punishment.

In Texas, felonies are graded by the punishment attached to them.  Capital murder is the most serious because people convicted of it may be sentenced to death.  Texas has executed more of its own citizens for capital murder than any other state.  First degree felonies, such as some murders, aggravated robberies, burglaries of a habitation, and aggravated sexual assaults may result in sentences of life imprisonment.  Other felonies, like theft, forgery, and assault are also punishable by substantial prison terms.  Fines can almost always be imposed in addition to imprisonment, and the punishment for virtually any offense may be increased or enhanced significantly by various factors, especially the defendant=s past criminal convictions.

Defense Against a Major Felony in Texas

The following is a partial list of major felony offenses currently defined by the Texas Penal Code.  Many also have aggravated versions.  It is not possible to list every such offense on our website.  If you have been charged with a crime not listed here, we are equally committed to your defense and urge you to contact us for a free consultation and explanation of our services.

Here are a few examples of what is considered a major felony:

Capital Murder
Intoxication Manslaughter
Negligent Homicide
Intoxication Assault
Sexual Assault
Indecency with a Child
Injury to a Child
Continuous Family Violence
Money Laundering
Tampering with Witness
Obstruction or Retaliation
Tampering with Evidence
Child Pornography
Organized Criminal Activity

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