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Most people who are currently serving a period of supervised probation after pleading guilty to a criminal offense are eligible, or may soon become eligible, for an early termination of their probation.

The most common result of criminal prosecution in El Paso is some form of community supervision, formerly known as probation. There are several different varieties of probation, but each of them affords an opportunity for early discharge in most cases if the court is satisfied that the best interests of the defendant and society will be served.  In appropriate cases, the court may also permit such defendants to withdraw their guilty pleas, and the court may dismiss the charges.

Probation Violation Defense in El Paso, Texas!

At the Law Office of Aaronson and Norris, we urge each of our clients who have been placed on probation, and who are not disqualified by law from seeking an early discharge, to contact us again after they have been on probation for awhile so that we can decide whether to ask the court for their release from further supervision. We also offer this service at reasonable cost to others who have pled guilty without our assistance and who have completed enough of their probation to apply for an early discharge.

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If you feel that you’ve done everything that you needed in order to be eligible for an early discharge from probation in Texas, contact the Law Office of Aaronson & Norris in El Paso to speak with a pair of experienced probation discharge attorneys. Call (915) 772-5335, or fill out a free evaluation case form online.